Quality Work Boots.
Generations In The Making.

best ever work boots
best ever work boots
Six generations of boot making

Work Boots -A Family Tradition

The Phillips Family began making work boots in Northumberland England in 1870. Six generations of the Phillips have continued the family legacy and our now based in Echuca Victoria.

We still follow William Phillips 1870 philosophy. Make boots from the best materials and make them fit! Nothing has really changed in that respect.

Today the Phillips Family manufacture a premium range of work boots, designed for maximum durability and comfort. All our boots come with a hi-tech, replaceable inner soles and spare laces for laced versions.

At Best Ever Boots we try our hardest to make the best "value for money" work boot available.


Why Best Ever Boots

Just how do we build the most comfortable and durable work boots ever?

We design and create our work boots from the sole up. We start with a last that is designed to fit the Australian foot. Slightly wider and slightly larger than some imported brands.

We use 6 generations of knowledge combined with modern technology to create the Best Ever boots.

Combined with quality sole, linings and uppers we design a work boot fit for Australian conditions.

Uppers made with high quality water resistant leathers and mesh, superior constructed out-sole made with heat resistant TPU or nitrile rubbers with outside bump toe for the rougher work. Injection PU Mid sole for maximum comfort to create the maximum spring in your step. Insole designed for all day comfort. Soft and comfortable breathable arch support.

best ever work boots
best ever work boots
best ever work boots

Buy Best Ever Online

We are a premium safety work boot manufacturer based in Echuca, Victoria Australia.

Our site is designed to offer a complete guide to help you make your selection securely and safely.

We are the boot makers and know our products. Please give us a call if you require and further information.

If you require any further information please call us on 03 5483 7442.



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