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BUY ONE $60 - BUY 2 Pairs for $100! Soft and beautiful full grain cow hide. Limited Stock/Sizes.

Please check your current work boots for size and order that size. Our sizes are shown in UK with the equivalent US size.

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Soft and beautiful full grain cow hide on solid rubber outsole.
Anti-static technology prevents the build up of a static charge by dissipating it through the sole.
Our tanning process includes a treatment to make all of our boots water resistant.
Beautiful and breathable insoles, mesh and linings for comfort in all weather.

UK Sizes (US size shown in brackets). Because everyone has their own preferred personal fit we suggest you check your current work boots for size and order that size. eg.  If the work boot you currently wear is UK 9 or maybe US 10 then order that size.

The uppers for this product are imported and a final manufacturing component is done in Australia. Our family have had 6 generations in the footwear business and for a large part of that time all our footwear was manufactured in Australia. We were forced [by our local Government], like many, to source and manufacture off shore for our business to survive but it is our intention to bring back all of our manufacturing to Australia.

We are proud to be Australian and will be proud to again manufacture all our products in Australia.

Additional information

UK Size

UK 2 (US 3), UK 3 (US 4), UK 4 (US 5), UK 5 (US 6), UK 6 (US 7), UK 7 (US 8), UK 8 (US 9), UK 9 (US 10), UK 10 (US 11), UK 11 (US 12), UK 12 (US 13), UK 13 (US 14), UK 14 (US 15)

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